Monday, 10 July 2017

Vanishing Blog Photos

Some of you may have heard about the big uproar over Photobucket turning rather nasty last week and suddenly, with no warning, eliminating editing and sharing of one's photos to other sites, unless one pays an outrageous fee, a ransom of $399 for a site that was always free.  I've used Photobucket for eleven years, having two accounts, but with the malfunctioning site that is insanely laden with creepy ads and pop-ups that make navigating a nightmare, I'm closing both accounts (one already is gone, and I expect to close out the other this week).  Their new policies have ruined countless web sites, and I've just noticed that most of my older blogs here are showing the ugly picture that they've replaced my photos with.  Not to worry, I've had no problem accessing my photos, and have been saving all of them, that weren't already saved, to my computers, so nothing is lost; and deleting them all from PB, who I will have nothing to do with ever again.  I will fix the mess and repost the proper photos later, after recovering from having the spend a great deal of time copying everything; it's been quite a big task, bigger than I realised, but there are a lot of photos.

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