Monday, 2 September 2013

Country Books

Recently I've been more involved with my music blog and devoting some time to it, but here are some of my nice country and folklore books to look at anyway, until I post something bookish more in depth.  I believe in arranging books together by subjects and strongly object to arranging them by colour,  but it just so happened that so many of these are green and yellow and don't they look pretty together?


  1. Hello Lori!

    Just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and fell in love with it, especially the posts with the photos of your thematical collections. I couldn't resist buying a dozen books on folklore immediately!
    It made me think of starting my own blog, so I just stopped by to say thank you.



    1. Hello Marina! Thank you so much for your words, that's lovely and I'm so glad that you like the blog, it's good to know when someone likes it. Yes, seeing other blogs made me decide to start my own too, this one hasn't been going too long, just started in May, but I have a huge list of topics for the future! Do let me know when you start your own blog. Best wishes, Lori