Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Christmas Scene From 'Sir Gawain And The Green Knight'

This king lay at Camelot one Christmastide
With many mighty lords, manly liegemen,
Members rightly reckoned of the Round Table,
In splendid celebration, seemly and carefree.
There tussling in tournament time and again
Jousted in jollity these gentle knights,
Then in court carnival sang catches and danced;
For fifteen days the feasting there was full in like measure
With all the meat and merry-making men could devise,
Gladly ringing glee, glorious to hear,
A noble din by day, dancing at night!
All was happiness in the height in halls and chambers
For lords and their ladies, delectable joy...

Then the first course came in with such cracking of trumpets,
(Whence bright bedecked blazons in banners hung)
Such din of drumming and a deal of fine piping,
Such wild warbles whelming and echoing
That hearts were uplifted high at the strains.
Then delicacies and dainties were delivered to the guests,
Fresh food in foison, such freight of full dishes
That space was scarce at the social tables
For the several soups set before them in silver on the cloth.
Each feaster made free with the fare,
Took lightly and nothing loth;
Twelve plates were for every pair,
Good beer and bright wine both.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Sorry I missed this post at Christmas/Yule time~ love the illustration and the story one of my favorites . Have you ever come across the wonderful version of it written by Vera Chapman ? I think it was written in the 70's or perhaps 60's and still
    in print~ if you have a Kindle I know there is a copy available for that format~ It is one of my favorite re-tellings of the tale. Mind you, I read it years ago and have no idea if I would still feel the same about it but know for years it was a favorite of mine. Hope you had a good merry Christmas.

    1. Hello, it's lovely to hear from you again! No, I have not seen that version, thanks, I wonder if it's available online somewhere? I don't have a Kindle. Yes, I did have a good Christmas, and you?

  2. Hello Lori~ I had not checked your blog until now so missed your comment to mine~ Not sure whether that Vera Chapman book is online , I have never looked~ I don't have a kindle either~ I just have my paperback copy from years ago. I will look and see if it is onine anywhere and let you know. Christmas was rather fraught for me this year unfortunately~ you may not recall but that fall I had actually fractured my back and I pretty much have chronic pain all the time more or less~ I overdid the Christmas prep this year along with some ongoing family related issues which are not pleasant~ (a passive aggressive family member ) so it was not a lot of fun for me this past year~ maybe this year will be better! Hope yours was enjoyable but more importantly hope all is well with you now!

    1. I'm sorry to hear of your trials, that's terrible, but you've carried on! I hope things are much better for you now and you're feeling better! Thank you, I'm doing OK. I hope you can find time to stop over here more often (that is if I can make myself post blogs with more frequency!).

  3. Hi can you please give me the name of the illustrator ?

    1. Hello, the illustrator of 'The Green Knight' was Herbert Cole.