Saturday, 24 December 2016

Stories For Christmas by Alison Uttley

This collection of twelve fantastical stories is my current selection for Christmas reading.  My copy is a vintage Puffin edition from 1977, with beautiful cover art by Gavin Rowe. It is an utterly charming and cosy book where unexpected, magical and beautiful things happen for Christmas; and kindness abounds. Trees can think and talk, dolls come to life and make festive preparations, and animals carry on and prepare for the festivities as if they were humans.  It is one of the loveliest Christmas books I've read, and one of the sweetest books I've ever encountered.  Even though the stories were originally intended for younger readers, they are so delightful that people of any age should read this, to bring back a touch of simple childhood innocence and unlimited imagination.  Merry Christmas!

'Blazing log fires, mince pies, red holly berries and the peal of church bells ringing out over snow-covered fields:  the twelve stories in this collection capture all the warmth and fun of Christmas as celebrated in the traditional country way that Alison Uttley knew and loved when she was a child.'