Friday, 18 August 2017

The Lothian Run by Mollie Hunter

'The Lothian Run' by Mollie Hunter was first published in 1970 and concerns the adventures of a young apprentice (by the name of Sandy Maxwell) in a lawyer's office in Edinburgh in 1736.  He is bored with his job and doesn't think he can stand it any longer, but his dull occupation soon changes when he gets involved in tracking down some dangerous smugglers when helping Deryck Gilmour, an officer of the Special Investigations branch of the Customs service.  There is spying, kidnapping, murder, mobs, Jacobites; plenty of intrigue and adventurous scrapes.   I enjoyed this lively historical fiction tale very much, found it hard to put down, and definitely recommend it.


  1. I read several of Mollie Hunter's books some years ago now. but quite liked many of them ~ she wrote both historical style novels as well as some more contemporary mysteries which were quite fun to read and well written .

    1. I definitely want to read more of her books, she's very good and, as you say, the stories are well written (judging from this one).